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27.06.20: Updated wallet locations, including source featuring updated func and checkpoints. Links below.

2020: After the upheaval of recent months, the core CommuterCoin dev team is now back in business! Please stay tuned for updates to the wallet, including checkpoints etc, and news on renewed marketing efforts and work to get the apps deployed to the iOS App Store and Google Play!

2020: CommuterCoin is looking for a new listing. More to come.

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2019: Updated wallets (including Mac) and new codes added. Download at updated links below, or check our Discord.

2019: White Paper published. Download:!qug3wajK!OA--5PSmMOOgUb2cWXQWUCVr6uMQ0RbxSzKXGUnIMo4

2019: Launch confirmed for Friday September 13th. Full details at below link.

2019: CommuterCoin launch announcement published on Bitcointalk:

What is Commuter Coin, and what does it do?

Every day the world over, people travel to and from their place of work. They do this not because they want to, but because they have to.

CommuterCoin aims to reward these people for this daily ritual, through the deployment of Android and iOS apps which, when active on the user's device and entirely anonymously, will capture pertinent details of their commute, preferred routes, travel hotspots etc, and reward their usage of the app and their involvement and engagement through the issuance of CMCNs (Commuter Coins) direct to their app's wallet functionality. Once the full App is installed, all the user will need to do is run the app - coins will be delivered automatically.

A brief history. Why a reboot?

CommuterCoin originally launched in 2018 with the ticker COMC. That coin was targeted by fraudsters and hence, after a period of re-gouping, the dev team have decided to relaunch the coin with a new source, a Scrypt-based PoW/PoS hybrid algorithm (offering a distinct additional offering over its PoW-only predecessor), a new CMCN ticker and a renewed focus!

Plus, into 2020 and once the coin is established, the dev team confirm they will offer Masternodes functionality.y.y

How do I get it and what can I do with it?

Download and extract, then run the wallet file from the download locations shown below (depending upon whether you require the Windows, Linux or MacOS wallets).

iOS and Android wallets will follow later in 2019 and into 2020, when the CommuterCoin mobile wallets are first released, then later updated with full functionality when the final App is released. Until that point, feel free to exchange coins using the wallets linked below. Any questions or concerns, please email us at

You can also join our Discord community here: - this is a vibrant space for community members to share ideas, opinions and questions. Please feel free to join!

In due course, and should the user so desire, CMCNs will be exchangeable for USD and other fiat currencies via further online exchanges. As of 18.10..19 we are available via the DagX exchange, here:

Make sure to bookmark the site and also, check our Twitter in order to receive updates on this!

Windows wallet:
inux wallet:
MacOS wallet:

Upon opening the file 'commutercoin-qt.exe', click on 'Receive', given the address a label (such as 'My Coins') and copy the address. This is then the address to provide to others in order to receive coins.

Are you a more advanced user and want to mine the currency?

Go to the following URL and review the opening post. Here you will find info on ports, wallet locations, source code downloads and so on, plus pool information. Note that the returns are better using pools, and also using GPU mining. Good luck!

And if you would like to know more about the plans and/or the dev behind CommuterCoin, read the White Paper:!qug3wajK!OA--5PSmMOOgUb2cWXQWUCVr6uMQ0RbxSzKXGUnIMo4


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